About us

NGO MART is a non-governmental organization that consolidates the community for the active protection of human rights, in particular the rights of children and socially vulnerable groups through providing of legal assistance, education, monitoring and advocacy.


  • legal support, human rights' protection
  • prevention of violence, discrimination and human trafficking
  • development of local communities, social activism
  • capacity building
  • іnformation activities
  • аdvocacy, public policy-making
  • education

Target groups

  • ATO veterans and their families
  • IDPs
  • elderly people
  • people with chronic and serious diseases
  • people with disabilities
  • children
  • youth and adolescents
  • women
  • state and local authorities
  • local communities, activists, associations
  • educational institutions
  • LGBT communities
  • migrants, ethnic minorities
  • media
  • inmates

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