About us


Activities of NGO: car races, various holidays, flashmobs, an annual charity action "Christmas Vertep for everyone in Donbas!", creation of the Club for children's leisure and the Center for early preschool development; restoration of historical memorials, volunteer activities etc.

Activities during the last year: organization of the festival of Ukrainian culture "From the Country to Ukraine!" In Bakhmut city; participation in the All-Ukrainian festivals of Christmas verteps and implementation of mini-grant from Unicef ​​in Zvanivska school.

At present, we are implementing the USAID Agriculture-development project, also we are creating Lemkiv Cultural Center.


  • socio-economic activities
  • development and restoration of local infrastructure
  • development of local communities, social activism
  • capacity building
  • social enterpreneurship
  • anticorruption activities
  • education
  • culture and art
  • environmental activities

Target groups

  • children
  • youth and adolescents
  • women
  • state and local authorities
  • local communities, activists, associations
  • educational institutions
  • migrants, ethnic minorities
  • еntrerpreneurs

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