About us

Psychological support and counseling, legal support and counseling, combating violence, discrimination, trafficking, developing and restoring local infrastructure, community development, activism, leadership, coordination of activity, partnership development , capacity building, informational and educational activities, social business, socially responsible business, advocacy, reforms, the impact on public policy at regional / national levels, building peace, conflict resolution, mediation, education, ecology



  • psychological and psycho social support
  • legal support, human rights' protection
  • prevention of violence, discrimination and human trafficking
  • development and restoration of local infrastructure
  • development of local communities, social activism
  • coordination of activities, partnership development
  • capacity building
  • іnformation activities
  • social enterpreneurship
  • аdvocacy, public policy-making
  • peace building
  • education
  • environmental activities

Target groups

  • IDPs
  • elderly people
  • people with disabilities
  • families in crisis
  • children
  • youth and adolescents
  • women
  • local communities, activists, associations
  • homeless people
  • HIV-vulnerable people
  • LGBT communities
  • media
  • еntrerpreneurs

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