About us

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a constantly growing, non-profit, non-political organization. Since 1989 BEST provides communication, cultural connections and exchange opportunities for students from all over Europe.

95 local groups in 33 countries create a growing, well-organized, powerful, young and innovative student network. More than 3300 students are involved in the daily development of our organization and almost one million students have taken part in our events.

BEST helps European technical university students become more internationally-minded, with a better understanding of European culture and the ability to help and work in the world around them. Through BEST and Engineering courses, students can expand their knowledge in fields that are close to their technical education.

BEST as an organization creates a space where students can share knowledge through the organization of such activities as: academic courses, engineering competitions, trainings, cultural exchanges and leisure activities. On the other hand, BEST is trying to expand the horizon of the labor market by organizing activities related to job skills (job fairs, company visits, seminars). BEST has developed its own training system, so BEST participants have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge by practicing training on technical or personal skills.



  • development of local communities, social activism
  • іnformation activities
  • education

Target groups

  • youth and adolescents

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