About us

The purpose of the Organization's activity is to carry out charitable activities in the interests of society through the provision of assistance, including social, to people living with HIV / AIDS and other infectious and non-infectious diseases.

The main areas of work of the organization are:
1. Acceptance by PLHA the antiretroviral treatment and medical services.
2. HIV testing for sexual partners of PLHA and their close environment.
3. Formation of attachment of HIV / PLHA to the system of medical services.
4. Social and medical assistance to people living with HIV and those who need palliative care.
5. Social support of people at the outpatient stage of treatment of tuberculosis, including people with multi-resistant tuberculosis.
6. HIV Prevention among Prisoners.
7. Social support for HIV-positive prisoners.
8. Technical support of executive authorities for the advocacy of services for people living with HIV.
9. Decentralization of medical services for PLHA and HIV.
10. Lobbying the mechanism of social order.
11. Conducting information sessions for civil servants, other non-governmental organizations, clients.


  • provision of essentials
  • psychological and psycho social support
  • legal support, human rights' protection
  • health care, home-based care
  • capacity building
  • аdvocacy, public policy-making

Target groups

  • people with chronic and serious diseases
  • state and local authorities
  • health facilities
  • HIV-vulnerable people
  • inmates

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